We aspire to push our students to take full advantage of quality education to supplement their soccer development. Each student player will be paired with one of our club members currently working in their field of interest. Each year the club will provide merit and need based scholarships to qualified players and young adult students in the community. 

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We understand the importance of service to our community and have made it one of our priorities to instill this value in all our players. We plan to provide free youth soccer clinics in partnership with organizations such as YMCA, in addition to working in close partnerships with other local volunteer services. For the 2019 season, we will also test a pilot mentorship program, which we hope to expand in the next 2 years. Youth players will participate in a special “big-brother” mentorship program, where they will be paired with a senior player playing in the same position. The senior player will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the youth player and act as a liaison between the club and the player’s family.

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Community Engagament 

We are committed to scouting young talent and provide the platform to become an excellent soccer player. The focus of the youth team will be to instill core soccer skills at a young age, and develop the desire and commitment required to succeed as a soccer player. The adult team will focus on providing the highest level of guidance and coaching for our players to continue crafting their skills and realize their potential.  

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